Talaka's Code of Conduct

Chairman’s & Vice-Chairman’s Statement

September 24, 2020

Our organisation is now one week old, and we would like to send a kind reminder to everyone that the idea for the creation of our organisation was originally grounded on mutual love and passion for Belarus together with positive emotions we have experienced together during several demonstrations and common initiatives.

Many of us have invested several weeks to create a positive experience for our diaspora and community as a place where every Belarusian wants to belong and participate due to its extremely positive vibes, openness and chemistry.

Like any freshly grounded community, we experience some hiccups and growing pains in miscommunication and lack of proper processes. This will yet last for some time. Such big projects don’t come easy. We want to assure you that we are working on solving these in an iterative manner and are spending a lot of time on prioritisation.

In order to still keep our organisation as close to self-organising principles as possible, we sincerely ask everyone to respect and trust other individuals, allow everyone to fail and learn within a reasonable amount of time. 

We believe in each of you as a civilised individual who is capable of taking a moral and appropriate decision that goes beyond one’s ego for the sake of the future of our organisation, its relationships and Belarus. Жыве Беларусь!

Please bear in mind that we all are volunteers with a very limited amount of time, with different backgrounds, experience, energy level and emotional state. We encourage you to respect other participant’s privacy and personal preferences, like willingness to get in touch with you or not, to defend their decision or not, to work in Asana or not etc.

We also want to remind you that it is highly unethical to:

For any incidents, dispute, harassment experience or witnessing of such, requests, questions or any other need for communication we ask you to reach out to the board.